Powered by Telemark is a collaboration between public and private actors in the Telemark region. Click on the company names below to read more about each of them.

We will create value with a focus on sustainable results with consideration for the environment, society, customers, owners and employees. We will do our utmost to ensure that our customers achieve their goals and dreams and we as a bank will have a strong community commitment to make Telemark an even better place to establish themselves. Our commitment will help to contribute to a better life in our region! We have a burning commitment to the banking profession, to your financial everyday life and our local community.

Go Telemark!

INEOS is an international chemical company with factories located in 26 countries and has approximately 22,000 employees. In total, INEOS sites in Grenland have around 650 employees, and have have a turnover of approximately NOK 3.7 billion.

At INEOS Rafnes, the raw gases, ethylene and propylene are produced based on ethane gas. This is mainly processed into raw plastic materials that INOVYN and INEOS Bamble produce. More than 95% of the production is exported and typical applications are food packaging, medical and pharmaceutical products, plastic pipes for distribution of clean water, cable insulation for data and energy transport and softer plastic products such as floor coverings.

INEOS works actively in circular economy and has several developmental projects in the recycling of plastics.

Skagerak Energi’s activities are concentrated on the production, sale and transmission of electric power and energy, as well as activities in connection with this. An important part of the group’s strategy is to be a key player and driver for restructuring in the region. Through cooperation, acquisitions or mergers, Skagerak will exercise an active and expansive role with the aim of contributing to a rational and competitive business. The company is organised as a group with the core businesses together in three wholly owned subsidiaries.Skagerak Nett, Skagerak Kraft and Skagerak Varme. Skagerak Energi owns significant shares in Skagerak Naturgass, Fjordkraft and Laugstol.

Bratsberg is a privately owned group that conducts development of commercial and residential projects as well as rental and the running of its own commercial properties. Our vision is to be a creative and innovative developer in collaboration with the local communities we work in.

In recent years, the Bratsberg Group has developed ten business parks and central urban areas in Skien and Porsgrunn, and is also involved in major development projects in Vestfold. The company’s urban projects have contributed to the renewal and development of new districts, and the company has won awards for good building practice.

We put our knowledge into providing solutions that have longevity, meet the challenges of today and tomorrow and that create value for our tenants.

Herøya Industrial Park covers an area of ​​1.5 km2 in Porsgrunn municipality in Telemark, and is owned by Oslo Pensjonsforsikring AS. The park has around 80 tenants with a total of approx. 2,500 employees.

Herøya Industripark AS is the park’s host. The company manages, runs and develops the park.

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ViG is the Grenland municipalities’ business company. Our mandate is to contribute to an increased number of jobs through regional business. ViG runs Startopp Grenland, which is a program for budding entrepreneurs and idea holders. The offer includes expertise, meeting places and financing. Attracting business is another area of ​​focus. This is done through professional receipt of inquiries about investments and establishments in Greenland, and strengthening the region’s competitiveness in selected areas. ViG leads ten projects. Powered by Telemark is one of them. Freight concept Vestfold and Telemark is another. The aim of the latter project is to move freight transport from road to rail.

Vekst i Grenland

Gassnova was established by the authorities in 2005 to promote technology development and competence building for the capture and storage of

C02 (CCS), and is the Government’s closest adviser in this field. Gassanova administers research and technology development via the CLIMT program and provides testing and demonstration of CCS technology at Teknologisenter Mongstad (TCM). Gassnova coordinates the ongoing work on a full-scale capture and storage project, which includes demonstration plants at Forturn Oslo Varmes district heating plant at Klemetsrud in Oslo and at Norcem’s cement factory in Brevik. Gassnova has evaluated the potential for profit realisation and has given recommendations to the Government, which has ambitions to submit proposals for financing one or two CCS projects in connection with the consideration of the State Budget in the autumn of 2020.

The association shall safeguard and promote the members’ interests in various arenas:

• As a liaison body and consultation body for Skien and Porsgrunn municipality and other authorities (planning and regulatory matters, business policy matters)

• Own initiatives to get issues on the agenda (parking conditions, the municipality’s processing of business matters, infrastructure issues, local taxes)

• Participation in regional organisations and associations with similar interests.

The work takes place through the association’s committees and commissions. We also place great emphasis on direct contact and input from members. We arrange monthly member meetings where we combine posts and lectures on current topics with the social aspects of a common meal. A great way to meet others and make contacts.

Skien, Porsgrunn and Bamble municipalities organise their port activities in a joint inter-municipal port cooperation, which is Grenland Havn IKS. We manage the municipalities’ sea areas in accordance with the Ports and Waterways Act, and have 18 employees.

Our goal is for the Port of Grenland to be further developed as one of Norway’s most important ports through active facilitation of the region’s business and sustainable transport.

We work to establish long-term and stable framework conditions for the business community where sea freight is important. This is absolutely crucial to be able to attract new, attractive companies to our region. Sea transport is environmentally friendly and modern port infrastructure is a prerequisite for the development of green industry.

Porsgrunn Utvikling AS was established in 2009 and is 100% owned by Porsgrunn municipality. Our business idea is to acquire and develop properties that are important for the further development of the city of Porsgrunn – preferably in collaboration with others.

The company is a commercial player, which facilitates population growth by actively developing good business and residential areas.

Our vision is to be an:

«Active and courageous developer of business and housing»

Active – because we get involved and participate in the arenas where frameworking is decided upon. 

Brave – because we challenge, influence and implement.

Developer – because we facilitate areas and enable development.

Business and housing – because it provides a basis for population growth

Stena Recycling is part of the Swedish collective Stena Metall Group. We have a large network of branches where waste from the whole community is processed into new raw materials. In Grenland, we are represented at the company’s Norwegian head office in Porsgrunn and our branch in the industrial area in Havnevegen, Skien. Together we can design and adapt recycling solutions for our customers. We develop innovative solutions that provide added value to the customer through the recycling chain: from transport and practical recycling, including waste-related services such as training, consulting and reporting. With our solutions, we want to create an efficient and profitable waste economy, environmental benefits and high safety for the customer. In this way, we contribute to the customer’s environmental profile and competitiveness.

ABB in Skien is the municipality’s largest, private workplace and has around 750 employees. We develop, manufacture, supply and export electrical equipment to over 80 countries for the generation and distribution of electricity.

Our solutions contribute to the green shift and increased sustainability worldwide.

We are concerned about diversity and employ around 40 nationalities.

ABB in Skien is part of the global ABB group which, through pioneering engineering, where software is connected to products in electrification, robotics, automation, motors and converters, creates solutions that lift the technology’s possibilities to new heights. ABB’s progress is based on more than 130 years of technological leadership and will be driven forward by around 110,000 talented employees in over 100 countries.

Together for a sustainable and competitive industry.

Green industry Cluster, Norway is an interdisciplinary and independent network organisation oriented towards companies in Vestfold and Telemark, which work within the industrial and technology sector.

(land-based and offshore)

In January 2020, the industrial networks Telemark Offshore, Teknologinettverk Telemark and Industri Clusteret Grenland merged into Green lndustry Cluster Norway.

Strategic focus areas:

Achieve the goals of the Industrial Green Tech project:

Become an internationally leading source of environmental competence to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and green technological solutions in industry.

• Research, innovation and development

• Competence development and sharing

• Streamlining with increased competitiveness

• Visibility and profiling

NHO Vestfold and Telemark speak on behalf of companies and provide membership services for industries and companies in collaboration with NHO’s 16 national associations. As a member you get access to financial benefits related to insurance, pension schemes, courses and events. We also provide legal assistance and advice. We have close contact with political authorities, and this can benefit your company in the form of impactful opportunities for influence.

Powered by Telemark will contribute to growth in the region. To achieve this, we depend on as many people as possible getting involved. Want to join the team? Contact Us!

Powered by Telemark´s goal is to contribute to growth in the Telemark region. To achieve this we need engagement across sectors and businesses. Want to join the cause?  Contact us.


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